What are Leggings?

Leggings are form-fitting pants that can be worn either on their own or as a layering garment when paired with other articles of clothing. Originally, leggings were designed as two separate garments, with one for each leg, but they have since been altered into a single item. Leggings are designed to keep a wearer’s legs warm, and they come in a wide array of colors, lengths, and materials. They may also help to prevent chafing when used for exercise purposes. These garments come in countless designs and patterns that are geared to fit the needs of any wearer. While some are designed from a shiny metallic material, others can contain embellishments, such as buttons or zippers, which can add to their appearance and style. Leggings are comfortable and versatile enough to work with all body types, from size 0 to plus size, and the type of leggings that a buyer chooses is often based on their body type or on their own personal preference.

Different type of Leggings

Ankle-length leggings cover a wearer’s entire legs, reaching all the way down to the ankles. This style of leggings is a popular design and can be worn as workout apparel, as a form of pants, or under dresses, skirts, and other articles of clothing. Ankle-length leggings also come in a style commonly known as jeggings, which are full-coverage leggings whose appearance resembles denim jeans.

Capri leggings reach to the mid-calf. These leggings are less formal than full-length leggings, but they function in the same way. Capri leggings are typically worn at the gym underneath athletic apparel, and pair well with long shirts.

Knee-length leggings fall just below the knee. These leggings are ideal for various forms of exercise, including dance, gymnastics, and yoga.

Stirrup leggings feature a strap that wraps around the arch of the wearer’s foot. These straps are designed to prevent the leggings from riding up the wearer’s legs. Stirrup leggings are generally worn as pants as opposed to being used as a layering garment.

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